Synergy Forum 2018
Synergy Forum                  2018

Welcome !

We are pleased to invite you to the first international Synergy Forum to be convened in Bonn / Germany on March 9 and 10, 2018.


It will be an inspiring gathering of eminent scientists in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, pharmacy, chemistry, biology and bioinformatics presenting and discussing the latest developments and findings in synergy research in lectures, poster presentations and workshops. And we extend a warm welcome to the researchers in phytomedicine and phytopharmacology who have always faced the challenge of dealing with multicomponent compounds and their combinatory actions.


In the past years significant developments and innovative research  - both in theory and in practical applications - have yielded novel, multifaceted and deeper insights into fundamentals, mechanisms, processes and phenomena of synergism as well as the potentials of synergistic interactions of compounds.


The Synergy Forum 2018 will be a platform for an updated inventory and vivid discourse of state-of-the-art synergy research in drug development and therapy. Besides elaborating fundamental issues of the definition and assessment of synergy it intends to create a forum for the dissemination of practical clinical experiences with combinatory therapies.


Also the most widely used, mass-action-law based, quantitative definition of synergy will be demonstrated with computer simulation using a small number of data points in vitro, in animal and in clinical trials.


The Synergy Forum will offer three major elements to update yourself on current developments in synergy research and to share your experiences with synergistic or combinatory approaches in research or clinical practice:

  • lectures about fundamental principles and latest findings in synergy research
  • poster presentations about clinical applications and exemplary results of  combinatory treatment regimes
  • two interactive workshops on the calculation of synergy by software and on a consensual and contemporary definition of "Synergism"


We encourage you to contribute posters presenting your practical and clinical experiences with combinatory treatments or your findings on combinatory / synergistic effects of compounds in experimental trials. During the Synergy Forum specific attention and time will be dedicated to the presented posters; the five best rated posters will receive a request to present their project as a short plenary presentation and a poster award.


The Synergy Forum intends to be a symposium of a comfortable scale. We wish to create a good atmosphere for exchange and networking in a professional but not unreasonably formal environment. You may leave your suits and ties at home…


Believing in democratisation and affordability of knowledge, we have deliberately kept the conference fee at a very moderate level and we have reserved sufficient accommo-dation facilities in comfortable but moderately priced private hotels. We hope that this will, last but not the least, also encourage young researchers to participate.


We look forward to having you with us in Bonn !

Organiser :

University Clinic Centre Bonn

Medical Clinic III

PD Dr. Gudrun Ulrich-Merzenich

AG Synergy Research and Experimental Medicine

Building 26, Laboratories UG 65/69

Sigmund-Freud-Street 25

53127 Bonn / Germany


Phone +49 - (0)228 - 287 16288

Save the Date:

9.-10. March 2018

Synergy Forum

Bonn / Germany

Register for the Synergy Forum and book your hotel before

31. December 2017

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