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Synergy Forum 2020

We cordially invite you to the Synergy Forum 2020.

It will be convened on May 16 and 17, 2020 in Bonn.


The Synergy Forum 2020 will cover the following main topics:

  • Updated reviews of fundamental theories and models of synergy quantification
  • The concept of synergy in ancient systems of medicine
  • The field of controversy between „biology“ and „mathematics“
  • The understanding of synergy by systems biology and network pharmacology
  • Advanced models, metrics and bioinformatic tools towards the prediction and quantitation of synergistic drug interactions
  • Examples of benefits from synergistic approaches and synergistic drug combinations in clinical research and practice
  • New opportunities for combinatory uses of natural and allopathic drugs


The Synergy Forum 2020 will take place again at the University Club Bonn which in 2018 all participants appreciated for its good location and facilities, personal atmosphere and great food.


In 2020 Bonn will also celebrate the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven (who was born in December 1770 and spent the first 22 years of his life in Bonn where he perfected his musical skills)  with the International Beethoven Festival that will become a major international cultural event.


We strongly recommend that you come to  Bonn already on Friday May 15, 2020 to enjoy an unforgettable "Beethoven event" in the evening:  the Open Air Simultaneous Concert of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra who will perform simultaneously in Bonn and in Vienna. We are arranging for tickets with good view and acoustics for all participants of the Synergy Forum 2020.

The general programme framework for the Synergy Forum 2020 will be:


Friday May 15, 2020

Afternoon: Editorial Board Meeting of the Synergy Journal

Evening: Open Air Beethoven Concert (Tickets will be included in the registration for the Synergy Forum 2020 !)


Saturday May 16, 2020

ca. 9.30 - 19.00 h Synergy Forum Conference Programme Day 1

20.00 h Conference Dinner


Sunday May 17, 2020

ca. 9.00 - 15.00 h Synergy Forum Conference Programme Day 2


You will continuously find updated information about the Synergy Forum 2020 on this website. We look forward to your interest and participation!

Open Air



May 15, 2020

Synergy Forum

May 16-17, 2020

Bonn / Germany

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